Our Spotify Playlists

Music is an important part of the Anderson family! While Brandy grows and bottles the grapes, Shauna explores the depths of the musical landscape and compiles songs that pique her interest and ear.

As we reflect on the musical landscape of each year, it’s fascinating to compare it to the concept of terroir in a vineyard. Just as the soil, climate, and topography of a vineyard can shape the unique characteristics of a wine, the cultural influences, societal events, and technological advancements of a given year can shape the sounds and styles of the music that emerges.

Shauna curates songs released from the time that bud breaks on the vine until the grapes are fermented into wine and tucked away in the barrels. We then release each yearly playlist when that vintage of wine is released.

Just like a wine connoisseur can taste the terroir in a glass of wine, music lovers can hear the influences of the year in the songs they listen to. Cheers to another year of great music and to the unique sounds and styles that will continue to shape the musical terroir of our time.


Enjoy our 2021 Zinfandel along with our handcrafted playlist curated with songs that moved us from Bud to Barrel in 2021.

During the 2021 year, we saw a diverse array of musical styles and influences, from hints of the smooth and complex notes of neo-soul to the bold and robust rhythms of hip-hop and afro-pop. We’ve also seen the continued evolution of technology and the internet play a significant role in the way music is created, distributed, and consumed. There were quite a few remakes of songs from the past with a new twist.