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A small family winery forging a new tradition. We want every bottle of Andersonia wine to reflect its unique moment in time and place, and that means as little interference as possible. We rely upon organic vineyard practices and management of each and every vine, then hand-harvesting and low-intervention winemaking.
The result? Wines with provenance.

2021 Andersonia Zinfandel, Sierra Foothills

Discover our 2021 Zinfandel

This 2021 Zinfandel is a survivor. The very dense grape clusters were completely unharmed by the Caldor Fire smoke. Smoke damaged all of our other grapes during this devastating 2021 fire.

Evening temperatures in the higher Sierra Foothills of Camino, CA are much lower because of the natural cooling effect of cold air drainage from the high Sierra Nevada mountains. This large difference in warm-to-hot day temperatures and cooler night temperatures naturally preserves the acids in the grapes and creates a Zinfandel with lighter color and higher aromatic intensity. Cuttings from the famous Howell Mountain in Napa were grafted onto these vines to produce exceptional wine.

We have a very limited amount of Andersonia 2021 Zinfandel available. Grab yours now before it’s sold out.

Land & Vines

Andersonia wines are made with organic grapes grown at 3,200 feet (1,000 meters) on steep volcanic soils in the Sierra Foothills region of Camino, CA. Our grapes are fermented with native yeasts naturally living on the grapes in the vineyard to reveal the fullest expression of the fruit and the fermentation in each bottle. 

We manage each vine by hand, without using mass production vineyard mechanization.  We hand-harvest each variety at peak ripeness throughout October, crush, ferment, bottle, and store each vintage every year.

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Where it started…

Tasting Room Open!

Our tasting room has a unique history! Come visit us Saturdays and Sundays from 12-5pm or contact us for a private tasting.

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Great Wines Begin with Great Grapes…

Wild Fermented

Native yeasts + healthy organic grapes = natural wine fermentation

Great wines begin with great grapes.


When wine is filtered, the fine organic particles and yeast are removed by the filter pad, but some of the great flavors of the wine are also lost.

Our goal is to preserve all of the goodness in wine! 


Winemakers often add fining agents to white wines before bottling, such as egg whites, clay, or synthetic powders.

We simply use gravity, time, and patience.

Upcoming Events at Andersonia

Andersonia Tasting Room


Come visit our laid-back winery tasting room, where you can enjoy low-intervention natural wines made with organic grapes in a relaxed atmosphere that feels like your favorite neighborhood bar. Formerly an unlicensed speak-easy from the 1960s, this room had its own secret door only a few locals knew about back in the day. We also have a fantastic patio that overlooks the 20 acre vineyard. Learn more here.

Shauna’s Jazz Trio

First Saturday Swings!

Our love for music is almost as strong as our love for wine! In 2023, Andersonia will be home regularly scheduled live performances in our tasting room or outside on our patio on the 1st Saturday of every month. Check our Events page for more details and to secure tickets. Stay connected by signing up for our mailing list to keep up to date!

Explore Andersonia!

Located in the heart of downtown Camino, we are only 2 minutes from HWY 50 (Cedar Grove exit).
Stop by on the way to Tahoe and grab a bottle (or 2) to bring up the hill!